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Saturday, January 4, 2014

We Have The News, So Who Needs Drugs?

I won't provide any links. Not only am I lazy this afternoon, you can just enter a few words and find anything you want with a search engine.

The fact that scientists, with their entourage of sycophants, became stuck in ice...during the summer in the southern hemisphere... and most of the news sorta ignored the fact the scientists were on a mission to find more evidence to prove AWG is the subject of drug induced fiction writing. I'm guessing they'll have some splaining to do to whoever financed this adventure in absurdity.

 Hopefully they don't change their strategy and go to prove that bears are really just big cuddly animals and misunderstood.....then again, that might be a really good idea.

Obamacare is turning out to be somewhat of a disaster, since the goal was to give those without medical insurance, the opportunity to purchase low cost health insurance, yet it isn't low cost, those that are attempting to buy it don't have the money and even if they do, they're finding out their hours spent to sign up were wasted hours, since there's no record of their signing.

There's always Medicaid, but many doctors don't accept Medicaid and the number of those that do is becoming smaller daily.

Fallujah has fallen to Al Qaeda militants. Can you say Saigon? I knew you could.

Colorado ushered in the new industry of furnishing government sanctioned pot....the price is really, really high (no pun first) and the fact that the only difference between legal and illegal weed is the shiny package and taxes.

How come I have the feeling there will be a cottage industry of illegal/legal weed spring up and become the lucrative livelihood of some industrious drug dealers?

Meanwhile, a child finds a cookie on the ground, eats it, and gets stoned. I'm guessing this isn't child endangerment, since there's no bible or  preservatives involved. Hopefully it was gluten free.


New York City gets a new mayor and he's crazier than an outhouse rat. So how is this news?


Finally: After eating six peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a man tells his brother he eats to much, which prompt the brother the brandish a knife, which leads to an arrest and my curiosity of why was six the magical number? It seems to me that it's overeating after two, but that's just me; appetites are different.


  1. Re: Antarctic expedition-
    I've been in Sydney for the past month, and in all the local TV & newspaper coverage they never mention the topic of the study or scientific purpose.
    There are scads of other "ZOMG teh sky is warming" stories...
    (including one about how Iceland is going to affected by glowball warmening. - Shut up and stick to your own hemisphere, sez I.)

    Colorado: The land of opportunity... This will get out of hand quickly.

    PB&J: How many is too many? I make the case that with correct recipe, construction and materials, one could be too many.
    My usual: 2 slices of white bread, one jar Nutella, one jar Sumcker's Strawberry Jam = One sandwich.
    One very filling, very messy sandwich.


    1. It's amazing how long this AGW crap has held on. It's reached the point where the true believers are competing with the flat-earthers for relevance.

      I'm sure the Colorado authorities prepared for this problem.....wait, they're politicians and bureaucrats. Never mind.

      I like a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and might even have two, but six is obviously the cut-off point.

      One thing is for sure: He didn't have to worry about arriving to jail right after they served the latest meal. I'm betting he had a bologna sandwich for the next one.

  2. Hopefully they don't change their strategy and go to prove that bears are really just big cuddly animals and misunderstood.....then again, that might be a really good idea.

    Apparently MSNBC is following your advice - Mocks NRA, Suggests It's Better to Confront a School Shooter Unarmed

    1. I sometime wonder if their ability to make rational decisions is so compromised, they actually believe such things. If so, then my avoidance of those outlets is a sign I'm still ahead of senility.