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Monday, January 27, 2014

While Shooting Pool

We had a pool table in the crew quarters offshore. It was opposite the card table, which was surrounded by some comfortable chairs. After work, the crew would gather to play cards, shoot pool, or watch the three channels we received on the television in the other room.

I was shooting pool, while listening to the songs coming from the transistor radio that sat in the window facing the production facilities. As I played, a song came on the radio from a female artist.

Now, you may imagine a few hundred female artists, but this was the seventies, the only station played was a country western format and the typical lineup featured female artists such as Tammy Wynette, Patsy Cline or Dolly Parton. So, when the song came on, and it was something different, I listened and liked. To add to my enjoyment, I saw pictures of the artist later and I must say she cut a fine figure in a pair of tight jeans.

It might not be your taste in music; it might even make you become defensive, like the old men offshore, and make you proclaim: "That's not really country."

Maybe so, but that's where she could sell her music and I didn't have any objection.

So, here you go. Two versions. The second has another of her other popular recordings included.


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    1. She's still around, although I think she spends more time doing other things.