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Sunday, January 19, 2014

First Ladies

The first First Lady I remember is Jackie Kennedy. From my perspective, she was somewhat of a better behaved Paris Hilton and paraded around as though she was royalty and we all needed to be amazed.

After her, there have been more; some I liked, some I didn't and one had those eyes that make you wonder if the light is on, or thoughts that would make a spider recoil are bouncing around in her brain.

Still, whether I like them or not, we didn't hire them. Being married to the President leaves no obligation to taxpayers to foot the bill for them to wander around Hell's half acre in pursuit of their particular whim.

To put it in perspective: If I hire a man to paint my house, I don't have any intention of paying for the taxi so his wife can go run the food drive at her church or make a trip to the mall. That or pay a security company for a guard to go along for protection.

The First Lady is no different and I think there's a boatload of money needed to be returned to the taxpayers by former Presidents. I'm betting we'll never see it and it only makes me that more suspicious of every President during my lifetime.



  1. To be a First Lady,First requires being a lady.

    1. Lady Bird was a dingbat, as far as I was concerned.

      I didn't pay close to Pat Nixon. Her husband was enough of a distraction.

      Betty Ford had her own problems, and I have to admire her for admitting they were more than influencing her life.

      Rosalynne Carter seemed decent, but I have to wonder about her judgement, with her pick of a husband.

      Nancy Reagan was creepy.

      Barbara Bush was my favorite. She seemed dignified, focused and not willing to put up with crap.

      I need say nothing about Hillary. She is the spawn of Satan.

      I was reserved about Laura Bush. "No Child Left Behind" was Federal meddling and part of the unconstitutional efforts I despise.

      Michelle Obama has a huge bill to pay to U.S, citizens. Her entitlement attitude and waste are unconscionable. I wouldn't loan her a quarter to go call someone that cares.

  2. Barbara Bush was great. Except that she and her son blew up the levies rafter Katrina and I think there is a video of her planting the explosive charges under the Twin Towers.

    Michele O.? She just spends our money like a drunken sailor and tells us what to eat and when to eat it.

    I'd love to tell her what to eat…a sh*# sandwich for starters.

    1. Barbara is a class act, except her obsession with pyrotechnics. Still, I like her and those levies were like the big handle on a large commode.