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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lie Detectors and Speeches

When the President starts his speech, he needs to be connected to a lie detector, and a dog collar. When he lies, he gets a jolt.

I'm thinking his speech would be more truthful, or very, very short. Either way, it would be better.


  1. If they'd do that, I'd watch. Pure comedy gold.

    1. Of course, I'd rather have the button, so I could give him a shock every now and then, just to keep his attention focused when he starts bloviating, or uses the word "I".

  2. There is a post going around Facebook that says don't watch him tonight so the ratings will go through the floor. Speak with your TV Vote.

    1. I haven't watched a State of the Union speech since Reagan. They all just jabber about mythical crap, how much their going to do, waste time and the piles of debt keep growing.

      To make matters worse, the talking heads - in their effort to alter the public perception they're high paid idiots - expound on nothing and wallow in their self-importance.