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My blog is where my wandering thoughts are interspersed with stuff I made up. So, if while reading you find yourself confused about the context, don't feel alone. I get confused, too.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Audience Participation

I started this blog without any clear purpose, except to write what was on my mind. Somewhere during the process over the last year, I decided to add fiction that I can only describe as the result of things that pop into my head. Overall, it's been good, and rewarding, but like all things, there may be things that need tweaking for improvement.

So, this is an opportunity for anyone that reads my blog to interject their opinion. I'm open for suggestions. I may ignore the suggestions, but that's what's so great about a blog.


  1. I'm glad you asked.
    I have a suggestion.
    Keep doing what you're doing.

  2. Thirds! You aren't doing anything wrong; it's all been right.

  3. It's your blog and it should be about what's on your mind, not what we want to read. Besides, think if it this way, if we didn't want to read it the way it is, we wouldn't be hear checking in on it regularly.

  4. I agree with all above. You have a gift for writing and I look forward to visiting your blog every day.