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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

They Avoid This Subject

I'm not finding much to be said about the increased costs to everything, thanks to the meddling of the politicians and their chosen cohorts. What am I writing about? The devaluation of our currency and the tremendous effect this has on everything that requires money. Otherwise, thanks to devaluation, everybody that hasn't had a raise in the last few years has taken a substantial pay cut. I don't know about you, but that's not a good thing with me. Times were hard enough without adding water to the milk.

Meanwhile, in Washington, where the political critters live, surrounded by those that slop at the public trough, the economy looks pretty good, since they've managed to insulate themselves from what the rest of the country is struggling to handle.

I'm mad. This is a form of stealing to cover up the terrible fiscal policies that give every single citizen of the U.S. a five figure debt. Things will change, but it will take some drastic actions. Whether the folks in Washington are willing to make these changes is the big question. I'm thinking not, but I can hope for being surprised. Eventually, the changes will happen; with or without their cooperation.

If you're not sure what devaluation of the United Dollar does to the economy, look it up in a search engine and try to keep your blood pressure to a healthy level.


  1. I get so damn tired of the politicians and their maneuvering. I appreciate people in the blogosphere who keep me abreast of the situations...I can't watch tv or read 'news' sites w/o getting stressed.

  2. It's like the death of a thousand cuts. Every day, a little more blood is lost and the final result may be the destruction of our economy.