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Monday, September 17, 2012

Of Madmen and Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear weapons take a long time to construct. The biggest problem is the "explosive", which is dangerous, to say the least. Small amounts of this stuff can kill those involved with the manufacturing process and it takes  a lot of the raw product to make just a small amount of the radioactive material that's sufficiently dense to start a reaction when it's "bumped" by ordinary explosives.

So, we have Iran, which can only be described as a country ruled by insanity. There is no freedom and those that run the country have no qualms about expressing their willingness to destroy Israel, which is a tiny chunk of real estate. Iran is making the materials for a nuclear weapon and it won't be long before they have enough to turn too much of Israel into a nuclear wasteland. Even a small nuclear bomb would cause too much damage for Israel to survive as a nation.

There's been tons of posturing, supposed sanctions and the general "head in the sand" attitude these things work and Iran will suddenly have a brain fart, realize their error and abstain from completing their nuclear device. I consider this foolish. Iran, for decades, has been a breeding ground for Islamic fanaticism, which includes such "civilized" activities as suicide with explosive devices that kill scores of surrounding innocent people. Why shouldn't they take it one step further and kill thousands with a bigger bomb?

We may do nothing, but I have a feeling the threat to Israel has reached the point it's not a a philosophical discussion any longer. The existence of thousands, if not the entire country, could end with the detonation of one nuclear bomb. That's serious stuff and if I was an Israeli, I'd be past the point of weighing options. There is only one option left and I anticipate movement towards that option within the next few month.

Hang on children. Things are looking to get ugly.


  1. What the world don't seem to get is if Israel feels threatened, seriously threatened, they WILL push back. Hard enough for the world to take notice, and be damned the consequences. And they are getting backed into a corner as we speak.

  2. The entire country is only three times as big as Delaware and surrounded by enemies. I'm a little surprised at their restraint, considering the amount of terrorism they're exposed to daily.

    When you look at the success of Israel, and then compare it to the rest of the Middle East, you see how freedom, a free market and a willingness to produce makes things happen. You'd think the rest of the Middle East would learn from this, but to do so would require giving up primitive ways and ruthless power.

  3. Madmen and Nuclear weapons, this is something going on right under our noses so to say but as long as we insist they play nice, they will..right?

    Yes Sir things will get ugly before it's all over.