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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Well. I Knew He Appeared As Full Of Crap

I actually listened to some of Obama's speeches before he was elected...or should I say tried. He never said anything. I'd try to pick through what the alphabet media provided, but couldn't find anything but cheer leading and information as informative as the cheers at a football game. He had no substance and provided nothing to make an informed decision.

This group of articles give insight of how the Obamaspock is fiction. Considering this information was available in 2008, an honest national media would have found it and provided it for the general public before they voted. Instead, they hid what they could, or didn't even make the effort to see if there was anything important the citizens should know.

Read the articles, realize how you've been manipulated and be mad. We've been screwed from the beginning and it's time the alphabet media paid for their political manipulations.


  1. Yes Sir, The media did get this one elected in my opinion, this nation has been duped and I am afraid not enough realize it yet.

    The man has been campaigning from the word Go and has not stopped, too bad so many are buying it.

  2. I avoid the alphabet networks, since they've decided to become part of the progressive movement. They've failed this country and need to go.