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Monday, September 3, 2012

I Really Dislike Yaupon Trees

Yaupon is a member of the Holly family of trees/shrubs. You can look it up with a search engine, since I dislike the plant so much, I refuse to publish a photo.

So why do I dislike the Yaupon? Since it's a native plant, it is a plant of opportunity and finds fence rows a wonderful place to grow. Not only does it grow fast, it's thick, the roots will sprout and getting rid of the brush is a task that requires a chain saw, brush hook and a strong brush killer.

This morning, I attacked a section of neglected yard. Yaupon had taken over, so I braved the 90+ temperatures and high humidity to accomplish my attack. After cutting the bushes to the ground, I applied a liberal amount of shrub killer on the stumps as soon as they were exposed. Hopefully, this will work, since spraying with Roundup only stressed the tree. If not, I'll be doing this again, which is something I don't relish.

I read that people actually by yaupon and plant it in their yard. Why? Because they're crazier than a shit house rat.


  1. Wouldn't it be better to lay some black vizqueen (sp?) down and just bake it for several months ...after you got it to ground level?


  2. I think it would grow through plastic. I know many of the native grasses will. Covering it might slow it down, but unless it's completely dug out, or killed with herbicide, it will come back within a season.

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