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Monday, September 24, 2012

Those Who Don't Know History...

...are destined to repeat it. Or, they watch their high school band do something really, really stupid. 

I'm appalled. I wonder if the parents of the students have a clue?


  1. And we wonder why kids come out of school with such warped thinking.

  2. I heard a report that the S.A.T. scores for reading are the lowest in 4 decades. I'm guessing you don't absorb much history if you don't read.

    I think most students would be horrified to read of the murders committed by the minions of Joseph Stalin. They'd have to know first, and few are willing to do the research.

  3. Or the knuckleheads that go around wearing Che shirts.

  4. I, once, knew a girl that made the comment: "Living in a Communist country probably wouldn't be that bad." After I made sure her brain didn't fall out, I realized she was as ignorant as a box of rocks.

    Your really have to work at being that ignorant....and yes, she was blonde.