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Monday, September 24, 2012

It's For The Children....Or Not

The nanny state is protecting children from any unhealthy source of food, or medication. Their diet is closely regulated and any dangerous substance, such as processed foods, or maybe a Big Mac, is removed so they don't put anything unhealthy in their bodies. Of course, medications that are know as emergency contraceptive pills, are dispersed like candy.

So, you can just ignore the medical implications, or advice. It's for the children, and their parents wishes are ignored.


  1. My grandfather lived his final 35 years on his favorite foods, mostly from McDonald's and the local version of Pizza Hut. He died at age 95. My uncle Woodrow lived on Pringles and beer after his wife passed away. He is now 96. My mom loves, dearly LOVES, some Taco Bell in her little taco belly. She is 76.
    My cousin was a health food nut and very nazi-ish about it. He dropped dead at 37.
    He was hit by a truck on the way to Whole Foods.
    THE POINT IS: fuck off, food nannies. Let them eat what they want and let us eat and feed our kids as we deem best.
    Although I do know a few people who might have benefited mightily from a round or seven of contraception.

  2. My plan for contraception is simple: If a young man impregnates a woman, and doesn't provide the financial support required to bring a child into this world, they have their testicles removed.

  3. sex + no contraception = kids out the wazoo. Don't complain to me because you can't afford them and are now pregnant again.

  4. We had a man working for our company with 11 child support orders. To make matter worse, the baby mommas all lived within a small section of the town where he lived. Now, that's either ignorance, or he was providing the means for accumulating more free stuff for the women. Neither situation is healthy and the entire mess could have been avoided with some bailing wire and a few weeks time.