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Sunday, September 16, 2012

How It Doesn't Work

The Obama campaign is panhandling like winos at the intersection. They're asking for people to skip meals, donate garage sale proceeds and even asking people to cut down on wedding expenses to help with their effort.

Here's how it doesn't work:

You've placed so many people on public assistance, they have no cash; what little they have is used on lottery tickets and cheap alcohol; and your voters will probably abstain from going to the polls because they need the money for gas.



  1. Jess sums up the inherent self-destruction of Obummer's policies in five short sentences. Well done, indeed!!

  2. Of course. That's the only way he can get reelected, to have the public dependent on him and the government.

  3. That is exactly the same way I see it works---or doesn't work.

    You speak the truth my Friend.