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Thursday, September 20, 2012

You Can't Change Washington From the Inside

That is the opinion of President Obama. I think he wouldn't know. Between golf, campaigning, vacations, bus tours and hiding in his office, while pretending to work, I have a feeling he wouldn't know Washington D.C. if it bit him on the leg.


  1. The leg? Not quite the location I had in mind.....

  2. Amen Jess, I don't think he has a clue, he really thinks printing up a batch of money and throwing it at the nation is going to fix all our problems, you can't spend your way out of debt, but you can sure starve to death trying.

    Just where does everyone think this money he was passing around (Stimulus money) is coming from other than our own back pocket.

  3. Obama doesn't HAVE to know anything. It's the "who" he knows that got him where he is and will keep him in place until we're one big ghost town, facing Mecca.

  4. A lot folks actually believe there's some huge reserve of money for entitlement spending. If it's not readily available, you just raise taxes and the evil corporations will pull out their wallets and gladly pay the extra.

    Whether it's by a polite political process, or not, the money issue will eventually be solved. Those that have their hand out will be the first to feel the pinch and the worst to deal with when the time arrives. The process has already started and they're too busy looking for more free stuff to realize the stuff they get is devalued almost daily.

  5. There's a Tom Clancy novel, wherein a Japanese airline pilot crashes into congress while the president is addressing it.
    I'm waiting. For the movie, I mean.