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Monday, September 24, 2012

Observing and Reporting

I've started observing a few different things, mostly while shopping at Walmart, or other public places. The two things I really concentrate on observing, (after attractive women) are grossly overweight people and those that can't wean themselves from their cell phone long enough to thank the cashier and accept their change.

My report? There are too many people that are grossly overweight and can't wean themselves from their cell phone. There's some kind of relation between the two, although I haven't found what it is.

Oh well. Back to observing.


  1. Maybe you could get a federal grant....

  2. I second Ed's suggestion. There's got to be some money in this.

    HINT: People who do nothing but talk (cell phone or otherwise) are less likely to be on their bikes for 2 hours working off the chocolate cake.

  3. I've toted many a bag of grout, or cement in my days. They range in weight from 40 to 94 pounds each. The thought of carrying them around daily and not being able to put them down is horrifying. Life is hard enough without extra baggage.