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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Big Cover Up

CNN had the journal of Ambassador Stevens, which they used to report about the concern for security as the 9/11 date approached. Earlier in the week, the FBI intended to search the scene of the murder, but refused until it was secure, which apparently is best done with television reporters, or not. Otherwise, the military, FBI and all of our tactical fighting units couldn't secure the scene, yet a reporter could walk in, dig around and find what could be a sensitive document, which it now has become.

What's sensitive about the document? It shows of a concern for security, corroborates the reports that security concerns were raised by more than U.S. diplomats and proves the Obama Administration was asleep at the wheel, or worse. The other explanation is too wrapped in politics, deceit and the sacrifice of U.S. citizens for political gain and many people don't want to accept their lives are only as secure as the political climate dictates.

So, there's a cover up in progress. Part of this cover up is perpetuated by United States media sources, including the alphabet networks. If this doesn't concern you, then the obvious solution is to avoid voting this next Presidential election. You're too dumb, a welfare parasite or part of the progressive movement to destroy the United States. You don't deserve to vote. You, also, don't belong in the United States.


  1. the voice of one crying in the wilderness.

  2. Yes Sir, it's a crying shame that materials like this end up in the hands of the media, and worse yet is that our people are not protected when they are in a sense crying for help.

    Obama has never stopped campaigning, hopefully after this election he will be looking for another job, people need to get out and vote, and those who don't should not have an opinion on the outcome.