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Monday, September 10, 2012

This Will Make You Hungry

I make shrimp creole, which I learned how to make by watching a television show and I don't remember what show it was.

Anyway, the photo below is what mine looks like, except this isn't an actual photo of my shrimp creole, although mine is much better.


  1. Way to go bro. Talk about it, show a picture of someone else's, tell us yours is better, AND DON'T INCLUDE A RECIPE? I was ready!!

  2. I was on a business trip and flipping through the channels I saw Justin Wilson giving a recipe for this with all his Gae-wron-teed schtick and patter.
    I soon after flipped the channel and there on another PBS channel was Justin Wilson, 20 years younger, doing the same routine!


  3. I don't have a recipe. I make it by putting the ingredients in quantities that look right. Sorry.

  4. So, you're a recipe tease. I thought so.