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Friday, September 21, 2012


Unless Congress - including the road block called the Senate, which is effectively useless thanks to Harry Reid - acts between now and the first of 2013, everyone will have their taxes increase. While those that don't pay federal income tax think they'll be excluded, their cost of housing, cost of living, fuel, groceries, clothing, and anything else required to survive will become more expensive, due to the costs for extra taxes being passed to the consumer.

In perspective, when you add the tax penalty of Obamacare to this increase, United States citizens will be hosed by the government, which is doing nothing to curb inflation, deficit spending and the terrible waste which is more than apparent.

Go here to see some of the details and raise your blood pressure.  


  1. There is also seriously something wrong with a world where you can buy a precooked fried chicken cheaper than a raw uncooked chicken, or my personal favorite, you can buy a 8 gig USB drive cheaper than a gallon of milk.

    And, in my state we don't even pay "taxes" on food. I'm convinced we just get charged more for our groceries.

  2. Food is dense, can't wait for an order to build before shipment and the price can change overnight due to increases in fuel cost or bad weather.

    To me, food prices are the barometer for the economy and the barometer is saying the weather is bad and more is to come.