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Thursday, September 6, 2012

What Would Happen?

Considering around 50% of the population is sucking on the the public teat in some form or another, and not paying income tax,  what do you thing would happen if the money just ended? No more giveaways. All federal employees that manage these money pits laid off and an immediate 30% reduction in all Federal taxes.

I think it would be ugly for awhile; mostly in the inner cities, but eventually, the balance would return. Those that don't produce would starve. Those that do would be more charitable, since they have more money and the money grubbing politicians would have substantially less money to steal. Otherwise, the economy would become robust, the Federal Government would be weaned to the level the founders envisioned and many no-ass thieving slugs would get what they deserve.


  1. You would have to make money as useless as politicians for the playing field to be leveled.

  2. I tend to believe it would go this way.