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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Who's Next In Line?

After the brutal murders in Libya, who do you think is our next ambassador, if we even have one? Who will take on the job of appeasing the terrorists and being an embarrassment to the world?

If I was a foreign ambassador, I'd have already tended my resignation and be on a plane headed for the states. There's no safety, the position is of a fool and the reaction of having "Ambassador" with this administration will lead to some serious misgivings for future employers.

It's serious business when the United States is treated without respect, especially when those that disrespect our country have their hand out and allow our citizens to be in danger due to barbaric practices of religious fanatics.

It might be time to push back. Start with economic retributions and the deportation of diplomats.


  1. This story gets worse and worse. Christopher Stevens was actually the liaison between the Obama admin and the rebels during the violent takeover of the govt. there. He thought he was invincible; he thought he was hanging with his homies.

    Not. So. Much.

  2. I'm sick of handing over billions to these people that hate us. Pull al the funding. Then give half of what we would have sent to anyone attacking us to Israel instead. They hate us anyway, why pay the, to do it?

  3. If it did any good, the money would be returned ten fold with healthy economies and productive people with hope.

    Instead, the money is siphoned off by corrupt politicians, wasted on lavish extravagance and the people continue to live in fear with poverty.

    When you really stop and think about the ramifications of incompetent leaders failing to heed warnings, you begin to wonder how precarious our security has become. It's a sobering thought and, with me, brings a seething anger. Damn them if they did what I think they did.