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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Day in Traffic

I'm not one for new laws. I usually hate the idea of a legal avenue to persuade common sense; but I'd really like to see a law that requires people to reduce their speed to 20 mph below the speed limit in a construction site with a lane closure. I'm tired of the apprehension I feel, when an 18 wheeler travels through the job at the legal speed limit of 75 mph.


  1. I think in Texas, the last lege extended the move over or slow down law to construction vehicles.

    1. The new law only included TxDot workers not working behind barrels, or barriers. Construction workers aren't included, and it's just another toothless law that doesn't address the safety highway officials speak hollowly about.

      They spend millions to protects drunks, and bad drivers, from running off the road, or hitting somethings, but never address the safety of those working within a few feet of high speed traffic.

      The easiest fix is a temporary regulatory lowering of the speed limit. At this time, Austin doesn't do this, because of some arcane system in place; and the unwillingness to piss of the public. If I'm ever injured, it won't be pretty.

  2. In AL, we do have laws about reducing speed at construction areas. The fine for going over that designated lowered speed is a doubled fine for speeding. Oh, the one thing on the sign is "when workers are present." I was fined even though there was no one on the job. I took the ticket quietly and got that overturned in court.

    I often feel really sorry for the guys working six feet from sure death! I pull to an inner lane AND slow down.

    1. Most people make an effort, but the more congested the traffic, the less tolerance, a lack of options for drivers to change lanes, and sooner or later, someone will slam into the back of someone slowing for construction.

  3. Up here we post signs at construction zones warning that fines are increased up to $10000 and or up to 8 years in the pokey