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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Most Won't Like My Solution

Solution to what? Terrorists. Put a bounty on them; include the bankers and other enablers. Give a bonus for more than three at a time and wait for them to arrive.

I think it would be cheaper than bombs. For the few hundred thousand for a smart bomb, I'd think you could get a half dozen terrorists; maybe more; it depends on the market.

Of course, it might be hard to sort them out, but those known to be terrorists could have a big bounty; enough to where a group of enterprising, young, ex-special forces could guarantee their retirement.

Some foreign governments might not like the idea of people running willy-nilly through their country; gathering those that really don't know how bad they pissed off the world, but maybe they could be persuaded by putting a bounty on them too.

"That's horrible."

"I know, but it beats the crap out of seeing innocent people murdered by terrorists."

"But, what if they aren't really a terrorist?"

"Well....the amount of money would be smaller...say a few hundred dollars."

"You're sick!"

"Maybe so, but I haven't seen any of the slack jawed, whistle weenie politicians come up with anything better."


  1. Without breaking my no-Google-before-coffee rule, I think that's pretty much how England caught the subway (?) bombing terrorists. Worked out pretty well for them. Oh and the Boston Marathon baddies.... social media and lots of photos nailed their sorry asses in the end.
    Ooh, pun! Yay!

  2. Works for me, Pal.

  3. Maybe there needs to be an ice bucket challenge for contributions to a fund for the head of the terrorist known as the Beatle...unattached, of course.

  4. Much cheaper than bombs. I commented over at Double Plus Undead right after the first mission in Iraq against ISIS that (2 * F-18)+(2 * 500# LG bomb) = 1 howitzer. We'll be bankrupt in no time.

    1. I've seen photos of the fighters. Some show professionals, but many show disorganization and prime targets for a sniper team. I can't imagine how a team couldn't be air dropped, allowed to cause havoc and pulled out without any casualties; but since the troops aren't allowed outside their bases, that solution is not feasible.