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Saturday, September 20, 2014


I listen to Rush Limbaugh, every now and then. He's shrewd; and makes good points. One point he's made since before Obama took office was that Obama is purposeful with his efforts; and the efforts are for a fundamental change of the United States.

This is a point I somewhat agree with, but I personally don't feel Obama is shrewd, or as educated as his sycophants suggest. If he was the scholar they proclaim, his education records would reveal this fact, yet there are no public records available.

Obama is a marionette. Like many news anchors, the people that pull his strings only give him a script; and he follows it accordingly. His reward is isolation from the people he serves; except for when such isolation causes negative reactions. Then, a special script is written, and he reads his teleprompter as commanded.  

Who pulls the strings? You don't have to look far. His wife is one; so is Valerie Jarrett. There are others, but those two, in my opinion, make the final decisions in everything the President does. They know the power they wield, do so together, and ruthlessly manipulate to achieve their goals.

So what are their goals? Power. They're drunk with it and it shows mostly in the failed nutritional guidelines now mandated for any school district that wants some of the free money for school lunch programs. It's something they now passes recreational use; they're now addicted; and the harm is becoming evident.

Harm? Yes, harm. Obama is now considered a failed President. Between the broken promises, feckless decisions, destruction of the economy and gutting of the military, there is no saving this administration. Even members of his own party are scrambling for distance from the stain of failure. The crucial mid-term election is soon to arrive. Being associated with this administration can end the political careers of those that face a tough challenger.

Meanwhile, the addiction for power grows stronger. With this addiction will come the mistakes such addictions cause. Many are already evident; such as Benghazi, the porous border, the avoidance of prosecuting favorites and the debacle of allowing ISSIS to be formed, due to political posturing.

I keep hoping the media will become responsible. They have much to gain by exposing their puppet, yet they're avoiding the tough questions. Even with the loss of revenue, they're still avoiding pointing out the suit that stands at the podium is empty. Maybe I have too much faith in what was once an honorable profession. After all, if you ask them, they're much smarter than most of us and we should be thankful they're pointing us in the right direction. Unfortunately, they're pointing to the rear; and most people have already seen that. Looking back, they see how much they've lost during the tenure of the marionette.