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Monday, September 22, 2014

If You Find It....

...don't send it back. It's probably ruined....What? My patience.

I lost my patience somewhere today. I'm thinking it fell out, rolled into traffic, and was smashed under the nasty wheels of a garbage truck flying through at a suicide altitude.

The remainder of the day was without patience. My comments were not good to those that must have been paid to breathe. That, or to hold their mouth open and catch flies. I can train just about anyone; even like it sometimes, but there has to be more than a vacuum between their ears. It's that, or they lied about their construction experience; unless their experience was watching Wiley Coyote assemble a roadrunner trap on Saturday morning cartoons.


  1. It is really a shame that there is no cure for stupid. Patience would have a better survival rate if there were.

    1. I think ignorant is a better description. That, and clueless. How anyone can allow their mind, and body, to become so sedentary is beyond me.

  2. There is a darwinian cure.
    Sometimes it takes a while for the cure to have the desired results.

    1. If I wasn't responsible for them, I wouldn't care if they wandered off somewhere.