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Monday, September 29, 2014

Not Much To Write Today

I'm feeling a little malaise this evening. I'm thinking it's due to what I call sneaky heat. The temperature is right, the humidity is low, and you sweat your ass off and get a little dehydrated because the sweat dries before it soaks your underwear. The cure is rest and sweet tea.

Anyway, back to not much to write: I was thinking about how I'm reaching that "I really don't give a shit; at least half the time." age and ruminating on the "I really don't give a shit anytime" age, which is approaching.

I plan on having fun with the approaching time in my life. I'm guessing I'll get away with most of it, but sooner or later, I'm thinking a little scotch, and the police may be involved. I'll blame it on trying to recapture my lost youth....probably will get away with it....and keep on planning on how far I can push the envelope without losing a wing.

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