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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Apathy, Entitlement and Crappy People

I woke this morning, thought about things, and realized way too many people don't care, expect their existence to be guaranteed just because they want it to be that way, and can only be described as shit. Those just the opposite are forever having their fortunes pillaged, chastised for their perceived foolishness, or taking advantage of the programs that supposedly help the "downtrodden". It's a social disease. A blight on the health of a nation.

Meanwhile, the social media is full of millions of mindless posts, or tweets. The substance of what once was a healthy society is now a continuous series of photos of food, selfies and re-posts of famous quotes; written on a backdrop of computer generated graphics, or photographs taken by some stranger.

We've become a huge photo of Alfred E. Neuman; a gap in our front teeth, a silly smile on our face and our only inspiring words? "What, me worry?"


  1. We have been saying this for some time. People are only concerned about themselves and pay no mind to anything around them. The gov't is telling the news media what to put out there... god forbid we see anything that really matters. The "ostrich" people would probably poop themselves if they really knew what was going on around them. It truly is time for a "cleansing"!

    1. I blame much of this on the education system, ridiculous laws, and the acceptance that marriage isn't that big of a deal. Responsibility is removed, responsible actions disappear, and self-discipline becomes something to be ignored.