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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Not Giving a Rodent's Fanny

I'm to the point I don't care for the idea of tolerance, forgiveness, and the "feel good" crap peddled every day. It only lead to a crappy economy, more bureaucrats, and too many people that observe the world through what's presented on social media and the television.

It's getting to the point it's all about survival; and survival is a bitch to deal with.


  1. Tolerance is and was never meant to be an approval of bad behavior or a free pass based on something a person is or has. There are things we should not tolerate but obliterate. Everyone should feel good not just one person or group who prevails over others.

    1. I heard the progressive ideology described as a mental disorder. It fits. Being so open minded your brain falls out can't be healthy.