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Friday, September 12, 2014

This Won't Take Long: Did It?

Well, so much for the worry and hand wringing. After a trip to the doctor, the plan is to come back in a few months for a 45 minute surgery to get what little is left. Apparently, the cancer is not deep, grows very slowly and wasn't very big in the first place. Considering the cutting he did during the biopsy only took one stitch, it had to be small; although the nurse's concern when he took it makes more sense at this time. She'd seen more than one procedure; and he must have been whacking away more than usual, when he performed the biopsy.

So, it's back to my life of women, song decadence......wait! That's not my life right now, so it's a new goal. Hopefully I stay out of trouble, but if not, I plan to have some fun.

Thanks to everyone's kind thoughts. I like to think they were instrumental for the good result.


  1. Really glad to hear that all is well.

  2. Congrats from the Wyzard who is a Wizard. (both pronounced differently)

    1. I suspected you were, now I know; since you admitted it. I'll be sure to not piss you off and wake up with warts...or do wizards do that?

    2. Uh..........the part about waking up? Not gonna happen. {:-D

    3. Well, that has good long as you don't make me suffer.

  3. Great news. "women, song decadence.." follow your dream say I hahaha.

  4. good news. prayers still being said for you