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Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Weakest Part of the Constitution

I'm thinking too many attorneys were involved with the drafting of the Constitution. Why? There is no direct public influence on most of the Federal Judiciary. Supreme Court justices are allowed to stay as long as they want, and the final decision on who shall replace those that leave is a step away from the private citizens most influenced by their actions.

Federal judges are appointed. Otherwise, the political whims of an administration are reflected in those they appoint to the bench and appointments can be halted by the political posturing of members of Congress.

I don't like this. The courts are for the people; not for politics; and I don't accept the "that's just the way it is" premise. Judges are not special in any way. Their job is to be the referee for matters of criminal, and civil law. When allowed to inject political opinion, and ignore constitutional restraints, the court becomes a political forum, instead of a place where any person can expect to be treated equally, is not forced into financial plights due to delays, and the true meaning of justice is never subverted.

Until all members of the Federal Judiciary are treated as any other public official, there is no real justice; there is only the promise; and the promise is never fulfilled. Like any other power, the corruption is only limited by the ability of citizens to change the members. Expecting those most rewarded by the corruption to police their actions is foolish. They have everything to gain; and nothing to lose; if they can operate without the consent of those influenced by their decisions.


  1. Sad but true. Thank god O golfer is gone in two more years. Roosevelt was the last POTUS to be elected to more then 8 years.

    1. Roosevelt damn near dragged the country completely down, trampled on rights, was instrumental in the fiasco of Social Security, and part of the weakening of the the U.S. military before we were attacked on December 7, 1941.

      Still, many wish to call him a good President. Personally, I think he was as bad as Obama and Carter.