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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Necessity of Vigilance

The beheading of the woman in Oklahoma is the reason you should be vigilant. While the media is playing the games they play, those realistic know otherwise.

The religion that we're supposed to tolerate is not a religion. It's a call to brutal psychopaths to murder without the restraints a healthy society places to insure peace. With that in mind, regardless of your opinion, anyone that practices that religion may be the one that uses it for retribution.

Nobody else can protect you as well as you can protect yourself. Remember that and be vigilant. Avoid those that practice the religion; even if it means finding a new merchant. The government won't protect you and the progressive line of thinking is as insane as the religion of destruction. Jihad has arrived in the United States. Only the citizens can prevent further actions of war.

"Oh. That's excessive. You're being dramatic."

"Maybe so, but tell that to the woman that had her head cut off by a madman with a knife. He gave them plenty of warning he was a psychopath; and believed in the religion of hate."


  1. It is not excessive nor is it being dramatic. When I hear this beheading described as "workplace violence," I want to scream, "What is wrong with you people that you can't see what is happening!" Of course, it is tough to see what is going on around you when your head is firmly buried in the sand.

    1. The media, and the government, don't want to admit they've allowed something evil to permeate our society.

  2. While I am tolerant of other religions and those that practice them, long ago I reached the end of tolerance for this "religion of peace."

    1. I don't classify it as a religion. It's not different than the cult of Charles Manson.