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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Searching for the Best Sausage for Beans

It's a little frustrating. I've tried different sausages for navy beans. I know ham is the best, but I have this die-hard compulsion to find the sausage that compliments the beans to perfection.

Some are good, but too hot. Others, are too full of spice that corrupts the beans. If it's too smoked, it overwhelms; the same can be said for garlic. Cayenne will hide the flavor.

I'll continue my quest.


  1. Replies
    1. I haven't tried either...yet; but I will.

  2. I've always used kielbasa. Keilbasa? Bossa Nova?
    Whatever. The big honking sausage that turns you into a snickering third-grader at the market. It's pretty tasty, has good texture, and not so spiced it brings you pain later.
    Okay, now I'm snickering again.

    1. I've never tried that either. I'll put it on my list.

      We have some locals that made sausage with good flavor, but they add way too much hot spice. That ruins beans, in my opinion, which is ignored by local sausage makers.

  3. I was going to recommend what LeeAnn and Ed already pointed to.

    1. Beans have a delicate flavor, and most sausage has a robust flavor. Finding the right balance may be a futile effort, but I'll keep trying.