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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Here She Comes; And Then More

Miss Planned Parenthood Miss America interned with Planned Parenthood. That's not going to endear her to many, many people. Why? Because Planned Parenthood is a political outlet, receives taxpayer funds, and is involved with a huge number of abortions each year.

Like it; or not. Miss America is supposed to be a role model and represent the most admired qualities of young women. Since Planned Parenthood doesn't see any problem with aborting viable fetuses, Miss America's involvement with the group will give many the perception she advocates sex without responsibility, misuse of taxpayer funds and has no qualms about the sometimes brutal methods used to destroy living fetuses.

I have a feeling this won't turn out well; and it shouldn't. There are many ways to help women in planning their family. Planned Parenthood is a poor choice for internship, if you want to represent all facets of U.S. society.


  1. Yep. A political statement by the organization.
    Let them reap the consequences.

    1. Planned Parenthood hides behind the innocuous purpose of helping families with the burdens of children. That's deceitful and deplorable.

      Miss America is a farce, as far as I'm concerned. The values of monogamous relationships, responsible procreation, and healthy family efforts is not some ethereal idea, without any basis in facts. Miss America should embrace the values and ignore the obvious political leanings of Planned Parenthood. To allow her to reach the point she reached shows a irresponsible effort and lack of ethics.