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Monday, April 14, 2014

I Didn't

I started to complain about taxes, the government, crappy world politics and economy, but decided not. I'd be preaching to the choir and only echoing the sentiments of most of the people that actually pay taxes.

So, I'll post about the weather.

This morning, it was cloudy and the temperature was 73 degrees. The humidity was high, although it wasn't terribly oppressive.

About an hour ago, the frontal boundary arrived, the heavy rain started and the wind shifted to the north.

Now, it's not raining, but the clouds are still hanging and it's about 55 degrees.

The forecast is for steady winds of 25 to 35 mph, with gusts to 40.

Tomorrow morning, the wind is still supposed to be high and the temperature is forecast to be in the low 40's. Otherwise, another bout of winter is soon to be.

At least it's not freezing; and truthfully, the cold air feels pretty nice right now.

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