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Sunday, April 20, 2014

When The Enemy Retreats

The goal of a retreating adversary is to create mayhem, so those following will hesitate long enough for an escape.

I'm seeing this now with the progessives. Their healthcare supposed victory is a bureaucratic debacle of historic proportions. It failed and there's no denying the truth, even if the President refuses to admit defeat.

The economy is still struggling to recover, but will. The government wall of ideological foolishness is crumbling. As time progresses, and more of the shameful actions by the believers of the madness exposed more people will demand accountability.

Past efforts to subvert are coming to light, with revealing correspondence from the near and far past. People of character are appalled and even allies to the dream are becoming uneasy with the obvious subterfuge that shows a deplorable effort to subjugate a nation to politics that despise liberty.

The last stronghold of the retreating enemy is the media; but their walls are breached. The information they tried to hide is being found. Their efforts are exposed and the vast majority of decent citizens are now informed, seeking more knowledge and determined to bring down the walls completely. The media as known in the past is destined for obscurity.

I'm guessing many will think I'm too optimistic, but I'm not so optimistic to think the rest will be easy.  The current efforts by those that believe the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and should never be circumvented is stronger than in the past; but reaching this point led to financial ruin, character assassination and even death. Forty years ago, people like Cliven Bundy didn't have a forum, and were destroyed without a peep from the media.

This is no longer a war of ideology; it's a war for honesty, integrity, fiscal responsibility, and liberty. The supposed ideological differences of the two major political parties are now stripped away and the exposure reveals a quest for power, without any responsibility to the citizens suffering from the whims of corrupt politics.

Voting to end the political tenures of the rotten politicians will help, but the rot is deep and the bureaucrats in Washington are more of the problem than many realize. It all takes time, but the necessary changes are starting; you can see them in the states unwilling to accept education standards and wanting to recover the land stolen by Federal dictate.

Time will tell how this all turns out. I have faith the eventual outcome is good.


  1. Excellent piece here and I found myself nodding affirmatively along as I read it. Especially the paragraph regarding the compliant state-controlled media (my words) and that they are loosing their stranglehold and their walls are crumbling. Glad I'm out of the business of peddling that 'dope' for cash. And the States ARE waking up. Did u see that story about the western states planning a summit on wresting control of the federal land within their borders? I don't know if there will be a positive eventual outcome in my lifetime, but I do know its worth saddling up for the effort.

    1. Patriot groups, in the late 70's were terrorized by the I.R.S. and other government agencies. When they tried to use the media, they were derided by the local media, unless one was thrown in jail for a tax problem.

      Now, even Scalia is saying a revolt may be necessary.

      Time will tell.

  2. I'll stick with "cautiously optimistic" for now.
    The number of people out there who live their lives paying no attention whatsoever is appalling.

    and they vote, too.

    1. Some do, but most are delicate and will avoid the polls if their feelings are hurt, or they forget.

    2. More people are knowledgeable of the politics of Game of Thrones than the USA.

    3. Many people are entranced by their television, but even as a majority, they're sheep, and sheep have a tendency to follow those that lead them from danger.