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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Things Found Along The Way

Down the road from the project, in a convenience/restaurant, I found something I didn't expect.

 I've had gyros in the past, but none ever impressed me, so it's one of those sandwiches I usually avoid. This evening, succumbing to an urge, I ordered a gyro to go.

 The cook is a man named Nick. I don't know where he's from, but he has a heavy Italian accent, and most of the menu is Italian food.

 Nick asked if wanted the regular gyro, or the good one. When I asked the difference, he said the good one is lamb and beef, with grilled onions and peppers. I answered: "I want the good one."

 The aroma was intoxicating all the way back to the motel. When I arrived at my room, I opened the take out container, examined the gyro, cut it in two and soon dug in.

 For years, I always wondered about the huge attraction to gyros. Now I know, and will crave the things; even after I'm through with the project and back at home.


  1. uh.........what's in the BAD gyro?

  2. Haha! Excellent question lotta joy. Probably best not to contemplate. Get a bag to go of the good ones Jess.

  3. The cook/chef is really proud of his own version of the gyro, so his is good - which it is - and a standard gyro is bad. That, and an additional dollar in price is good for him, too.

    I'll try the "bad" gyro. If the zatziki sauce and seasoning are the same, it must be good.

  4. Oooh. Gyros. Yes. A good one is a little slice of taste bud nirvana. There's a vendor at our county fair every year that makes the best. Normally, I avoid vendor food, but Leif introduced me to them one year after sitting in the cold, wet rain at the draft horse pull for over 4 hours. Since then it's been one of those traditions we look forward too. Especially the years when the fair falls on a cold wet day.

    1. We have a local fair, which most people attend for the food. "Pooter's Bean Stop" is a favorite and some that carry my favorite: pork on a stick.