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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thoughts and Inabilities

Today, as I did the things my job requires, my mind wandered in every direction; no clear process or direction. Call it a montage of thoughts; jumbled and trying to clarify some unclear purpose.

Anyway, with the dozens of scandals, political dirty dealings, terrible occurrences and other things that can cause me to fret, the cacophony of quiet musings didn't stop - until a few moments ago, when I stepped from my room and examined my surroundings.

Words can't describe the evening. Even with the surrounding testaments of mankind's efforts to present beauty - and failing miserably - the strong cool wind, and sound of the surf can only be described as wonderful. The evening sky is bright, but not; the high cirrus in the pastel blue washed with a dim orange slowly fading to a dull gray. The gibbous moon almost overhead; a brightening light in the deepening dark.

In a secluded spot, royalty would pay dearly for even a humble abode to enjoy such an evening. There are few like it and should be relished forever.


  1. Nature can dish out some really nasty stuff. And then, as if needing to make amends, gives us an evening like the one you enjoyed. Some of my better memories are of walking deserted beaches, the sound of the ocean waves and mountains in the moonlight. I can't go back to relive those moments except in memory. That's almost as good.

  2. I would like to be there, soaking it all in.