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Monday, April 14, 2014

Some Things I Don't Understand

I was looking at pickup, much like mine, but with a little extra shine and prestige.

The wheels are some alloy; polished and shiny.

At the bottom of the doors and along the bed, there's a mirror trim, which is brilliant and adds an elegance to the pickup.

Other than that, it's damn near identical, except it's a Lincoln, which is another brand of truck, but I'm thinking it's much like the Cadillac.

What do I not understand? Why?

Why spend the extra money, when you can purchase a vehicle that does the exact same thing, can be ordered with the same accessories and is substantially less expensive?

Beside the initial cost, any service, or parts, is much more expensive, and the resale value is a substantial amount less than the initial purchase price.

Some things I'll never understand. This is one of them.


  1. Years ago, I had a Torino Elite.
    Lincoln persuaded the Glass House to stop production as it was eating the Continental's lunch.
    Same shop manual, same luxury.
    Thousands less.

  2. I knew somebody that had an alternator changed on a Cadillac. They asked me what I thought of the $400 repair cost.

    It seemed way too high, until I looked at the cost for the dealer alternator. It was over twice the cost of a typical Chevrolet alternator.

  3. Perceived style over substance. I have only cared what a car looked like from the driver's seat because that would be where I would be enjoying it from. Except for my 1979 Camaro back in 1985. That was sweet.

    1. Some cars transcend the designation of "luxury". They're unique, wonderful to drive and babe magnets.

  4. My 66 Malibu SS was a babe magnet. It got ME. God how I LOVED popping the clutch and spinning out. sweeeeeet.