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Friday, April 11, 2014

One Sunday Afternoon in April

I stopped at a convenience store on the interstate to get something to drink. There were four men in the store; somewhere between 40 and 60; humorless and not speaking to each other.

They were dressed in buttoned, short sleeve shirts, casual slacks and I didn't pay attention to what they were buying. Since I was right before them in line, I paid for my soft drink, left the store and climbed into my pickup.

As I backed from my parking spot, I noticed a light green Taurus, with rental plates. In the back window was a black ball cap, with F.B.I. printed in white. As I pulled away, one of the men left the store and climbed into the driver's seat.

Within five minutes, I was passed by the same car. The four men were quietly sitting, there was nobody speaking and they all were just staring ahead.

The next day, Waco came alive, as every government agency involved stormed the compound. The rest is history: seventy six people died; including women and children.

Did those men know what was going to happen? I think so. It was their employer that started, and finished the siege. How far they were up the food chain I'll never know, but if they have the tiniest shred of a conscience, it keeps them awake and they know they were part of one of the worst, botched government operations ever performed by the bureaucratic boondoggle we call the United States government.


  1. Murder on their minds. Guilt is a bitch.

    1. When I first observed the men, my thought was they were sales folks, or specialists on the way to a job they found distasteful. Their entire demeanor was of disgust and apprehension.

  2. I guess I must live on a different planet from people like that. I will never, ever understand what makes someone think that a Waco or Ruby Ridge is OK.

    1. They solicit, train and turn the right kind of people loose to further their control.

      The Germans did this; so did every other tyrannical government, including the British.

  3. I wonder where Lon Horiuchi is today?

    1. Hopefully, he's found religion, or met his maker.