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Friday, April 11, 2014

Nevada Debacle

Let's put this in perspective: We have a rancher, who paid ranch fees to the local county, yet the BLM says he owes them a million. At worst, this can be called civil disobedience.

Meanwhile, we have an Attorney General, held in contempt, in charge of those allowing illegal gun running, which caused the death of hundreds, failing to follow the law and arrogantly disregarding his oath of office.

Shouldn't the snipers be stationed on a different hill?


This link is to an article, with a video, by a reporter that investigated the events leading up to the standoff in Nevada. 

Article by Dana Loesch

I think those that want to know more about the event should read it before making any judgment.


  1. The problem is, he didn't pay the fees for 20 years. They have tried to move the cattle off the land but didn't because he threaten violence. Now they don't care. All the other rancher's are paying 'their fair share' and they get no shit from the gubment. He is breaking the law and making threatening comments. I am not a big supporter in this administration, but in this case, the man is wrong.

    1. Well, now I don't have to look that up.
      Saw a bit of a clip on Fox this AM.