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Friday, October 10, 2014

Deja Vu All Over Again

I have a theory about deja vu. (No, I haven't experienced it in a long time.) It seems more logical to me, although those that like the idea of premonitions better might not feel the same.

My theory? The human brain is hard-wired to anticipate danger. With that hard-wiring comes the crunching of possibilities, the actual occurrences, and the results. Deja vu, is when the subconscious mental creation of possible events coincide with actual events. Call it a mental jackpot. Three sevens rolling up is rare, but possible. Subconsciously, the events were anticipated, and actually happened. The feeling the event happened before it only a reaction to an unusual sequence that coincided with anticipated results.

You can now return to your regularly scheduled thought process.


  1. I have always said (Yes. I've ALWAYS said this): Life would be so much better if we had our own personal soundtrack in the background. Then we'd know (via the drum beats) not to go in the basement when the lights suddenly go out, and we'd always know (via the chipper music) that something good was coming our way. Yep. I've always said that.

    1. I think my music would be a cross between Benny Hill and the shark music from "Jaws". Sorta of a yackety terror theme, with occasional snippets of drinking music.