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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Jaime Brockett - Legend of the USS Titanic (FULL)

Way back when, there was a radio show called "Beaker Street", which I listened to when the skip was right and radio waves made it all the way to the way to Southeast Texas. Between the static, and phase shifting, reception was poor, but we still listened. The following song was played and I always hoped it would be played again real soon.


  1. Thanks to you, I just spent an hour and a half reading all about Jack Johnson.

    1. You're welcome...I think...unless you were being sarcastic.

  2. I remember waiting for this to come on in the middle of the night.
    After a while, the djs wouldn't take the request. They looked down on it,

    1. It's a long song, and I'd think it would give a dj time to enjoy their sandwich.