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Sunday, June 15, 2014

After 40 Years

Last night was my high school reunion. There were lots of faces, names and even a tug on my heart that is still pulling.

The music leaned toward what I didn't listen to back then, and was too loud to hold a conversation, so I spent time outside; visiting with those too escaping and gathering memories like fallen fruit.

All in all, it was meant to be. I was pulled to the event and know I couldn't have avoided from attending if I wanted.

Still, I wish they would have played what caught my soul, gave me moments of silent appreciation, and were imprinted forever.


  1. I avoided my reunions the same way I avoided the prom, and class photos. If I didn't show up then, I saw no reason to show up 20 years later. I've always been a loner.

    Or, maybe I've always been a rebel.........yeah.....I'll start saying that.

    1. I've always been a loner. Still, something compelled me to three of my reunions.

      Maybe it's just curiosity, or trying to pick up the pieces that fell along the way.

  2. My 50 year class reunion is this summer. After thinking about it, I decided that if I hadn't cared enough to stay in touch with classmates in a 50 year time span, I could see no reason to see them now. Guess I sort of fall into that loner category as well.