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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Let's Call It Was It Is

It's purging. There are too many humans, too little resources and they're sending their diseased, homeless children to the United States.

We're supposed to feel compassion, yet these people are not arriving to become assimilated in our society. They have nothing left, so they have one last hope and we're supposed to accept the governments to the south of the border are something more than tyrannies with heartless thugs in power.

I'm angry and the anger is focused on the likes of Nancy Pelosi using this for political posturing. Since she's there, they need to load her up with a few hundred of the diseased children, so she can take them to her home. That would be a true test of compassion. How come I feel this will never happen?


  1. Compassion requires having a heart.

    1. If she had one, they sliced it thin and used it for cosmetic surgery.

  2. She'll never admit it's all about politics and money... I say seal the border and MAKE Mexico deal with it...

    1. This will never stop, until nobody stays without proper documentation.

      For those that are here, creating laws that make aiding illegals a felony is a good start. After that, make it illegal to rent accommodations without proper identification.

      They'll leave and then Mexico can deal with their own problems.

    2. ...and impeach Holder. He's the biggest part of this problem.