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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Stupidity; Political Posturing; or Both?

Iraq is being taken over by fanatics. They're brutal, determined and the Iraqi military is retreating.

How did this happen? First, it was announced the U.S. was leaving on every news outlet worldwide. Second, competent combat troops were removed, leaving mostly administrative personnel. Finally, the only protection for the partially favored government are not fully trained; have no air support and the constant guerrilla harassment of seasoned terrorists.  Their retreat gives the fanatics U.S. weapons and technology.

Who do we blame? The Commander in Chief and the politicians so foolish to get involved in the first place. That blame goes back through a half dozen Presidents, Congresses and those that manipulate the entire lot of greedy bastards with graft.

Iraq, and most of the Middle East, has seen constant civil war since the beginning of recorded history. The blood feuds, religious differences and outright hate of the different factions guarantee the civil unrest will never end. When you add the constant corruption of political figures, there is no hope for peace.

Now what? Will the current administration increase U.S. military pressure and kill more of our soldiers? Will they just walk away and allow the massacre of thousands by the brutal conquerors?

I'm betting they screw things up, like everything else touched by those that couldn't operate a lemonade stand with instructions and an example. They'll talk, posture, say silly things on the news and the entire world will watch in horror.

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, the export of Opium derivatives is a booming business. Corruption rules and the Taliban operates freely, since they can just slip across the border to Pakistan, when the need arises. They're making tons of money with the illegal crops and the demand is high.


  1. You're really cheering me up here.

    1. Usually, I have a glimpse of clarity of such things. With this one, all I can think of is carpet bombing every road on which they happen to be travelling.

      That, followed with a strafing by a few dozen B-10's.

      I doubt it would do a lot of good, but they'd damn sure know they pissed us off.