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Monday, June 2, 2014

Now They Really Stepped In It

The Obama Administration has shown it's not made up of the sharpest knives in the drawer. Their errors are numerous and many have broken laws, which I think is probably due to ignorance in most cases. They rectify these transgressions by hype, outright lying and just ignoring the consequences, with the hope the media will continue to wave the pom-poms and cheer at the right moments.

I think they made the fatal mistake with the trade of Taliban senior officials for one U.S. soldier, who's motives for abandoning his post in a war theater are questionable. To make matter worse, their attempt to put some feathers in the President's cap has now been shown to be outside the law and possibly treasonous.

The tap dancing will be furious, but I have the feeling this one will lead to some serious charges, which even the military yes-men can't ignore. They have to deal with the troops, and they're dealing with people that learned a long time ago to take care of their own problems. Not only that, they're fairly dangerous people and all the polished brass won't stop the wrath of those that suffered, watched friends die and spent so many long years away from their families.

Adding insult to injury, the media is now placed in a very uncomfortable position. They operate overseas under the protection of our troops. Piss them off, and the protection might become only a pretended effort. That's dangerous stuff, when you're in Injun country, which is now most anywhere other than the United States.

I'm sitting with my feet hanging down on this one. The price for this dog and pony show is too high for those that made the presentation.


  1. If you haven't seen this piece on this subject written by Allen West, here is the link.

    He tells it like it is...pulls no punches.

    1. Personally, I think they should fly him home to an army base, let him out at the gate on a Saturday night and deny him the use of a phone or transportation.

  2. Since he has been released is the only time I have heard he was a traitor, so I don't know what to believe. Was he declared a traitor five years ago? If so, why did they try to rescue him back then?

    No matter who negotiated the trade, it was sanctioned by the US. It does not matter who was doing the talking.

    I am confused.

    1. The Army investigation five years ago ended with the assessment he walked away from a Forward Observation Base after his watch. They couldn't find him and soldiers were killed, while looking for him.

      The trade, which required thirty days prior notification to certain members of Congress, was performed outside the law. Who was involved with the military is still unknown, but if they weren't operating under orders, they're culpable in criminal activities. Even if they were, there are boundaries the military operates in and penalties for those that operate outside those boundaries.

      Personally, I think the Obama Administration didn't have any idea how far they went across the line, until everything hit the fan, after one of the soldiers in Bergdahl's unit came forward with his personal experience and the experience didn't coincide with the "hero" portrayal of Bergdahl. They wanted to take some heat off Obama, since the V.A. scandal was taking a toll. They hoped the "concern" shown by the administration would make points with veterans and the media. It didn't work.

      How this plays out will be interesting. You have members of the Obama administration trying to justify breaking the law, members of the media suddenly realizing their fair-haired child is corrupt and thousands of military personnel feeling betrayed.

      This one won't turn out well.

    2. Oh look! Over there! A Rabbit!
      Or something.
      Something to distract us from this, which was to distract us from the VA.
      Oh Look! Jay Carney is stepping down!

    3. The distractions are turning into the spectacle.

  3. Did I actually hear Diane Feistein criticize The One? This just might be different, but I can't help but wonder if this isn't still part of obama's master plan (strife, dissention, country torn apart)