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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cutting To The Chase

I've been thinking about the Bergdahl trade The problems with the trade are numerous; even speculation about outright aid to enemies of the United States, which led to the execution of those convicted of such crimes in the past.

Proving culpability in the crime of sedition, or treason can be tough, since it requires proof of intent. However, proving incompetence doesn't require anything, except the presentation of the facts, which are documented on every news outlet all over the world.

Congress can make this simple, although I have my doubts they will. They're frightened of Harry Reid, who could be removed from office with a demand for mental soundness, which a psychiatrist, with only year of practice, could determine in about five minutes.

The incompetence is from the top, to the bottom. If they're hoping the citizens will fix this problem, they might not like the method.. They have a choice, I hope it's the smart one.


  1. they might not like the method
    Somebody on an other blog (Mustang?) said that civil war was imminent.
    I say it's here.
    Hostilities ensue.
    The bullets haven't started flying yet.

    1. The political discourse has been over for years; even if the media like to think otherwise. All their efforts failed and it's obvious the majority of U.S. citizens are beyond talking about the failures of the Government and demand changes.