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Saturday, June 7, 2014

It's Getting Close.... time for some new work boots.

As I was slipping them on, I thought of how many hours I spend wearing what is required, if I want to continue working where I work.

For those that never wore them, they weigh around five pounds. The toes have steel cups and there is a shank of steel that runs along the bottom to protect from penetrations. Most are semi waterproof, and mink oil is usually necessary, when the weather is damp.

They're hot, and there's little to be done to make them otherwise. You can't have durable footwear, impervious to moisture, or chemicals, and have anything that's cool.

I've worn them for weeks, up to 16 hours each day. Since I've become wiser, I spend the money on better boots, which can run well over $100 a pair. Buying less expensive boots can lead to pain at best, and foot problems at worst.

So, why am I writing about my boots? I have outside work to do today, and have enough experience to know they're the best protection for my feet.

Still, I don't relish the idea. I'd rather be wearing my Crocs and sitting in a lawn chair; sipping tea.


  1. I feel your pain, brother. With a few years' exceptions, I've worn one type of work boot or another for my entire adult life. One of the joys of life of a working stiff is coming home, sitting down and taking those damned boots off and letting the dogs breathe a sigh of relief.

    1. While working a shutdown a few years ago, I'd come home and pour sweat out of my boots.

      I lost fifteen pounds in ten days.

  2. I wore Red Wing 2233's for many years. Good work boots.
    The shoemaker that sold me the boots gave me a good piece of advice.
    "two pair of boots will last as long as three and three will last as long as five"
    I followed his advice and eventually ended up with more than three pair.
    Was able to have each pair resoled a couple of times.
    At $140 a pair it paid to extend the wearability of the boots by taking care of the boots.
    The major reason for having more than one pair of boots is that it gives the boots time to dry thoroughly between wearings.
    Dry boots are better on the feet too.
    Since I retired, I have only one pair left and those are not worn very often. So they get plenty of time to dry between wearings.