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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Recess Appointment Madness

Obama was spanked, but Scalia points out the subversion of the Constitution, due to allowing the courts to decide on the definition of recess and the failure of Congress to perform their job. Ultimately, the effect is another effort to chip away the protection of citizens from the government.

In my opinion, Congress has the power to stop rogue actions of the Executive branch by withholding funds and ultimately impeaching member of the Executive that overstep their legal bounds. By failing to do so, and deferring the power to the courts, they're derelict in protecting U.S. citizens and dishonor the offices they hold. Politics are dominant over rights and the result is always more hardship on those that pay their salaries..


  1. Exactly. They cede their authority. Which represents our authority.

    1. One thing that bothered me for months is the belief that Harry Reid will prevent any efforts to try impeachable offenses. That's deferring complete power of the nation on one man.

      Personally, I don't think he could stand up to the onslaught if he tried to stop a determined nation to stop rogue actions of the government.