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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ignorance - The Illness and the Media

I started this post a few days ago. I wrote a half dozen long paragraphs, detailing my thoughts and explaining the dereliction of purpose adopted by the media, which now turns its head in silence, while laws are broken, basic rights are violated and government thugs use their power to tyrannize the people that pay their salaries.

It was a lot of wasted effort. The simple truth is too many people are ignorant, wish to remain in this state of bliss and the media allows the government to pillage like a conquering hordes of brutal criminals.

This is disappointing and unconscionable. For those in the media unwilling to stray beyond what your overlords allow, may your days in Hell be long. The suffering you refuse to report has branded you as traitors and reprobates.


  1. I know too many people who are perfectly happy in their ignorance.
    The media is supposed to be a watch dog - not the sheep they have become.

    1. If I was a journalist, I'd be embarrassed to think what was an honorable vocation is now reviled for dishonesty and sensationalism.

    2. There are no journalists anymore. Just rewriting scribes parroting press releases, innuendo and political manifestos.

    3. Logic would dictate journalism changed course, demanded accountability and the dogmatic curiosity of investigative reporting returned as something a writer would strive to accomplish.

      Unfortunately, the media ignores logic and thrives on soundbites without any really useful purpose.

  2. I refuse to watch the "news" anymore. It ain't dah truth buddy. I have no doubt that the truth is a lot scarier than the news would ever report. I'm sure the riots would start instantly.