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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This Might Get Interesting

Chuck Hagel is now the official fish in the barrel for the Bergdahl fiasco. Whether this is true, or not is not nearly as important as how he handles the accusation.

He's scheduled to appear before a congressional committee, which gives him the opportunity to do the honorable thing, or not.

If he was responsible, then the fact the President allowed him to circumvent the law, embarrass him and place U.S. citizen's lives in danger demands he's fired and charged with a crime. It would be in his best interest to resign and face the consequences.

If not, and he was only following instructions from the President, then the obvious lie will weaken the administration further; it might even lead to some really, really bad things for the President.

We'll see. I'm hoping Hagel's time in combat, in Vietnam, will bring out the honor for fellow soldiers he might have once had. The Bergdahl deal was not honorable, insulted all armed forces, and betrayed every citizen of the United States.

If he's a vindictive type of fellow, he has the opportunity to get even for being played like a cheap guitar. I kinda hope he does this. I have no compassion for anyone that's part of this administration. They've shown they're liars, thieves and murderers. A few thrown under the jail would make my day.

Just like a fish in a barrel. Slimy, hard to get a grip on and a bad smell. 

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