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Friday, June 27, 2014

Emails and Lies

Emails are never lost. Someone received every email and someone answered, or has the email stored on their computer, or server.

Government agencies are "losing" emails, and the billions to preserve this information must now be considered money thrown out the window.

It's all lies and efforts to hide intentions. With the amount of cover-up, intentional avoidance of Congressional demands and obvious lack of intent by the Department of Justice to pursue the possibility of criminal acts, it's not a stretch of the imagination to know the problem of rogue government agencies reaches to the White House; maybe with the involvement of the President.

While the media is being quiet, there is a growing demand to know why government agencies are allowed to thumb their nose at the law and the Constitutional restrictions imposed to keep them from endangering liberty.

This won't go away, and if allowed to go unchecked, a change in political party control of Congress, and the Presidency, will lead to illegal activities without parallel. Democrats, and the media,  will find they're the recipient of government thuggery and they will only suffer, since they placed the policy in motion.


  1. I think both parties, even before the internet were guilty of all sorts of illegalities that weaken the nation. The longer they get away with it, the bolder they become.

  2. Washington, a target rich environment.

  3. Washington is a place where ideas, initiative and money are used for things only crooks understand.